Jan. 24th, 2017

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It's official!  Contract negotiations are ended, and everything is signed.  Our family is proud to announce that Darwin has accepted the position of City Manager of Ypsilanti, Michigan!

I lived in Ypsilanti for 15 years, and Ypsilanti/Ann Arbor is still what I think of as "home," even though I moved away six years ago.  Last fall, the position for Ypsi City Manager came up vacant, and Darwin saw the listing.

"Maybe I should apply for it," he said.


This touched off a series of long discussions between us.  I know Ypsilanti very well, both its strengths and its challenges, so I was able to point Darwin in a number of good directions.  He started in on some very heavy, very thorough research.  This took weeks and weeks.  We made several trips to Ypsilanti so Darwin could get to know the city.  Every evening found Darwin at his computer, reading and researching, researching and reading.  One of Darwin's strengths is his thoroughness.

Not long after he applied for the job, he got notice that he was a finalist.  The day of the interviews, a huge blizzard blew in, and Darwin left half an hour early to ensure he'd arrive on time.  (He did.)  That same evening, the recruiter called to offer him the position.  Darwin was just that awesome!  Did I marry the right guy, or what?

Contract negotiations began, and they took considerable time, but they're done at last.  Everything is done, and Darwin starts his new job February 27.  We're extremely proud of him around here.

I do find it quite strange that my husband will be managing the town I recently left.  If I hadn't moved away from Ypsilanti, I never would have met Darwin--a man who lived in Ferndale and worked in Lake Orion would have been outside my driving radius down there.  So I had to leave the town in order to marry the man who would one day manage it.  You can't make this stuff up!


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