Jan. 26th, 2017

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More on the Kroger shopping:

I usually make up the weekly menu (Friday-Thursday) and the accompanying grocery list on Thursday evening.  Now that I'm using Kroger's click-and-pick service, I have the small additional step of hitting up Kroger's web site afterward.  Here I often ran into trouble.

See, the click-and-pick service is quite popular, but only a certain number of people can pick up groceries at a given time.  Lots and lots of people want to pick up their groceries on Friday afternoon or Saturday morning (so they'll have fresh food for complicated weekend cooking).  I join them, mostly because I want to pick my stuff up on the way home from work.  Unfortunately, when I finished my list Thursday evening, more often than not, the 2-3 PM slot and the 3-4 PM slot were both full.  In fact, Friday itself was usually all booked, along with most of Saturday.  Once, I was forced to wait until Sunday.  (Oh, the humanity!  I have no idea how I survived that one.)

I was complaining about this with the back of my hand pressed theatrically to my forehead to my friend David at a bar one day, and David turned out to be unexpectedly weasely.

"Can you create an order and then modify it later?" he asked.

I allowed that Kroger allows this.

"How far in advance can you create an order?" he continued.

"A week, I think," I said.  "But I don't know what I'll want that far ahead."

"So just create an order with one or two items on it a week ahead of time," David said, "and reserve a Friday slot when there are lots of them.  Then go in on Thursday and add everything else you need to it."

I was stunned.  It was so shifty, so sly, so weeeeasely that I was ashamed I hadn't thought of it myself.

Now I do just that.  On Monday I order a gallon of milk and tell Kroger I'll pick it up on Friday between 2 and 3.  Voila!  Lots of slots are always available.  On Thursday, I add the rest of my grocery list to the order.

I'm a weasel, by proxy.


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