Apr. 12th, 2017

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Last week was spring break--and I was sick.

I got home Friday, ready to enjoy a week of relaxation.  But on Saturday, it became clear I was heading for trouble, and Sunday morning I was full-blown sick.

Not only did this derail most of spring break, I had to cancel plans with my mother, who was supposed to come down that Sunday for a nice visit.  I wasn't up to it, and she didn't want to catch it, so we canceled.

I spent the week in misery, hoping each day I would get better.  Monday--nope.  Tuesday--nope.  Wednesday, Thursday, Friday--nope.  Saturday I was finally sort-of functional, and I had to drive up to Lansing to speak at a conference that had booked me months ago.  I couldn't back out.  Speaking and being "on" as a writer wiped me out completely, and I came home sick again.

Sunday I more-or-less recovered, and Monday I was back at school.

How much did that suck?


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