Jun. 12th, 2017

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Over the weekend, we hosted poker night.  We have a revolving poker tournament that takes place at different people's houses, though in reality it mostly happens at three people's houses.  Our house is specifically designed for entertaining large groups, so we hold the tournament here fairly often.

We tidied up the house during the day.  I also went shopping for party food.  The menu this time:

Crudités with French onion dip
Pita chips
Corn chips
Pizza rolls just like Mom used to buy
Home made macaroni and cheese
Soda variety
Birthday cake

The macaroni and cheese came from a recipe Darwin found.  "You should make this," he said.  "It looks good."

You'll notice he didn't say, "I think I'll make this. It looks good."  My husband has many wonderful talents and qualities.  Kitchen skills don't lie among them. 

I was actually skeptical.  The recipe looked good, but it made a LOT of mac and cheese, and I didn't think mac and cheese would appeal at a poker game, where people would want finger food.  However, I decided to give it a try.  We could have a chunk of it for supper beforehand, in any case.

I made the recipe.  It calls for a cup of butter, two and a half pounds of cheese, and a pound of macaroni. (!)  Everyone agreed it was absolutely wonderful!

We set up the food and the playing tables, and people started to arrive.  We had 11 players and two observers, so it was quite a crowd!  And people snarfed down the mac and cheese!  Darwin felt vindicated.  :)

It was Darwin's sister Cindy's birthday, too, which was why we had the birthday cake.

The game began.  It was an exciting evening, actually, with a great deal of suspense surrounding several high-stakes hands.  We actually played two games.  I won the first.  Go me!  It was great fun.


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