Jun. 15th, 2017

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Last weekend, Maksim said he wanted to try some highway driving.  As it happened, I had some errands to run south of town, so Maksim could be my chauffeur. 

He told me he was nervous.  He hadn't driven on the highway since driver's ed class.  I told him he'd be fine once he got on the road and that I wasn't worried.

As is usual with these things, the anticipation was far worse than the event.  Maksim made several minor mistakes on the way to the highway--lane drifting, hesitating on turns, being unaware of the speed limit--which clearly came from nerves.  Once we pulled onto the highway and he matched speeds with the other cars, however, he calmed down.  He drove perfectly fine.  When he got off the highway, his nervousness came back and he made more minor mistakes.

We ran the errands--Darwin's coffee maker needed to be replaced, as did some of the box fans.  I needed a new computer stylus.  We got lunch at Qdoba, Maksim's favorite restaurant.

And Maksim said I could drive home.  He'd had enough of the highway for the day!


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