Sep. 4th, 2017

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Just for fun, in a "know your enemy" kind of way, I tracked down the web site for his filthy little "church" and found a section on weddings. I read it.

If you want to get married at their "church," you have to read their rules and regs (pages and pages of them). The very first thing that pops up is several paragraphs about marriage having to be between a man and woman. A biological man and a biological woman. One biological man and one biological woman. I'm not kidding. It goes on and on and on. This guy and his toadies give lots and lots and lots and LOTS of thought to gay people.

Also in their wedding information packet, they make almost passing references to the fact that they don't allow dancing at weddings at their church except between the bridge and groom and the wedding party parents. They also don't allow alcohol of any kind. This ban is also made in a passing reference--once briefly in the general rules and once in the FAQs. There are NO references to same-sex weddings in their FAQs. This means that people ask frequently ("frequently asked questions") about drinking and alcohol at weddings, but they DON'T ask about same-sex weddings, yet this church spends paragraph after paragraph after paragraph talking about same-sex marriage.

The church leaders seem to think about LGBT people quite a lot--even though no one in their congregation asks. However, we have WAY more drinkers and dancers than LGBT people in this country, and the issue of having both at weddings has come up often enough to deserve a FAQ entry for this "church." Yet they don't explain a single thing about their stance on this huge issue. They simply ban both with a single sentence while they spend many paragraphs on a non-issue.

Why spend so much time and effort on a non-issue--unless it preys on YOUR OWN mind, yeah?


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