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School Year 2013 Begins

Spent the last couple of days at Nameless High School, getting ready to start the school year.  I've actually already been in twice, setting up my classroom, making copies, putting together lesson plans.  I'm piloting a new program that promotes and endorses cell phone/smart phone use in my classroom this year, so there were a number of issues to handle.  I'm really, really interested to see how this goes.

One of my students is an exchange student from Turkey who speaks English as a second language.  He's also blind.  This will be a challenge when we read MAUS . . .

This year, the pre-year meetings were actually kept to a minimum, and the amount of time we were given for classroom work was maximized.  Go admin!  That was a nice bonus.

A small group of math and English teachers went out to lunch on Thursday.  One of the math teachers is shiny new.  Now, when I was a new teacher at Walled Lake, I was invited out to lunch with a group of teachers, and I went, but hesitatingly--I was nearly broke at the time and couldn't really afford it.  But I went in order to meet people and not appear standoffish.  To my surprise, one of the veteran teachers announced that new teachers didn't pay and picked up my check.  So at this particular lunch, I announced that new teachers didn't pay and picked up her check.  Thus the tradition continues.

This year I have two sections of English 12, two of English 9, and a section of mythology that morphs into media literacy for second semester.  A good schedule.

We're ready for the 2013 school year--my 21st!

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