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stevenpiziks ([personal profile] stevenpiziks) wrote2015-08-09 12:49 pm
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Slamming the Shortage

So the teacher shortage is already hitting and hitting hard. So hard that some districts are BEGGING people to teach. And yet just three years ago, they were laying people off, telling teachers that they were terrible people, slapping them around, giving poor evaluations to good educators, and making life miserable for everyone. Now suddenly the districts cry, "Where are all the teachers?"  You want teachers? Here's what to do:

1) Stop linking standardized tests to teacher evaluations.
2) Cut back on the number of standardized tests.
3) Raise salaries across the board.
4) Restore tenure so teachers can work without worrying that a single complaint from a parent or administrator with a mad-on will get them fired.

Problem solved!

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