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Need Salads!

This past week, I made a menu that came out heavy on the meat.  We had ribs, ham, hamburgers, and chicken.  It wasn't on purpose--I just wasn't paying attention.

Maksim asked about some vegetarian dishes, and I said I can easily make some vegetarian dishes.  And Darwin said some salads as a supper main dish would be good.  (By "salad" he means "tossed salad," not "chicken salad.") 

I'm not an experienced salad maker, really, but now that spring has arrived, we'll have greens and other good stuff available.  A light supper of salad and bread and maybe a little cheese would be really good.

But I need good salad recipes.

So I'm throwing it open here.  I know you veggie people are lurking.  What are your favorite salad recipes?  Hit me up!