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stevenpiziks ([personal profile] stevenpiziks) wrote2017-05-19 05:28 pm

A Shivery Night

Yesterday it hit 90 degrees.  The weather report said it was supposed to stay in the high 60s all night.  The house was all opened up, with fans in the windows to keep things cool.  We left everything as it was at bedtime.

I woke up at 5:00 and found the house was FREEZING!  It had dropped to 40 out!  I rushed around the icebox house, closing windows and shutting down fans.  I turned the furnace on and dove back into bed.  Darwin yelped, "Why are you so cold?"

But that's what a nice, warm husband is for!

It's been chilly all day, not even 60.  Half the flower baskets I put on the altar and hung on the porch are dead from unseasonable frost, and all the daisies I put on the deck planters are dry and dead.  WTF?  This is mid-May, not late October.