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I've realized we don't talk about buying pets much anymore.  Have you noticed that?

For some reason, everyone has decided it's wrong to say they bought a dog or bought a cat.  You have to say you adopted it.  Shelters don't charge you--they ask for an adoption fee.  Animal rescue groups ask for compulsory donations.  Neither groups say you're buying a pet.

Fifteen years ago, the last time I got a dog, we answered an ad from a woman who had puppies.  She asked for a twenty dollar "donation."  She clearly felt like she couldn't charge, even though that's what she was doing.  We bought the dog and brought him home.

I don't feel entirely comfortable with saying I adopted a pet.  After the difficulty and heartache I went through to adopt two children, I have a hard time with the idea of applying that word to a cat or dog. 

Requiring a donation is a misnomer anyway.  Donations are given freely, with nothing accepted in return.  It's a complete fiction that you hand over $100 to an animal group as a "donation" and mysteriously receive a pet in return.  Would the organization give you the pet without the donation?  They certainly wouldn't.  You have bought a pet.

People have no trouble saying they bought a chicken for a farm.  Or bought a horse, or a cow, or a pig, or a goat.  But dog and cats?  They have to be adopted, for some reason. 

People are strange.

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my cat was free to me since his previous human had died, but I am honest when it comes to getting a new pet, it costs, and I am not adopting a cat, its more like the cat is seeing if I am a competent human slave to see to all its needs. Its a job interview....done by the cat.
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[personal profile] lagilman 2017-06-11 04:40 pm (UTC)(link)
I suspect much of the issues comes from the fact that it's been revealed that many of the dogs in pet stores (where one "buys" a dog) come from mills or other disreputable sources, while adopting means you took a pet from a reputable source that saved it from a bad fate...

(we never "bought" a dog from a reputable breeder, we "got" a dog from a breeder, and the exchange of funds was understood).