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Lords of the Ring

When Darwin and I got engaged, we got rings that we used as both engagement rings and wedding rings.  However, I didn't like the style he did, and he didn't like the style I did.  In the end, we decided our rings didn't have to match, so they didn't.

Darwin's ring is faceted tungsten.  It slipped off his finger while he was swimming in a river and vanished.

My precious.

We bought a replacement from the same jeweler.  A few months later, this second ring simply vanished without a trace.  Darwin noticed it wasn't on his finger one day, and it wasn't on his dresser or his nightstand or in the bathroom.  We turned the house upside down.  I even got out the metal detector and ran it over the lawn.  Nothing.

We bought yet another replacement ring, and the jeweler noted that Darwin was his best repeat customer.

About ten months passed.

I already mentioned that we traded in the truck and got a mid-sized SUV instead.  We also wanted to trade in the Ford CMAX Darwin drives for a newer model, but the dealer offered a rotten trade-in price, and we declined.  Instead, we opted to get the CMAX detailed so it would LOOK like new.

The detailer kept the CMAX for a long, long time, but when he returned it, the car was thoroughly cleaned and restored, inside and out.  Even the engine compartment and tires were shiny and new-looking.

Darwin was going through the car and put his hand in the pouch fastened to the back of the driver's seat.  He made a strange face and pulled out his ring.


He has no idea how it got there.  Best guess is that he put his hand in there and the ring was swiped as he pulled it back out, and he didn't notice.  Thoroughly strange.

Here's the other thing: this particular ring was a tiny bit large for Darwin (which is why it probably slid off his finger in the pouch).  He'd been intending to have it resized.  However, it happens to fit me.

So now I have two wedding rings--one that matches his exactly, and one that doesn't.

We are Lords of the Ring, my Precious.

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