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Aran Moves

While I was in Ireland, Aran texted me.  The Section 8 apartment complex in Ypsilanti had a vacancy and they'd approved him for a place to live.  He could move in the Friday after we got back.


Aran had applied for an apartment at this place--the same complex Sasha lives in--several weeks ago, and was told he had to go on the waiting list.  There were three people ahead of him, and the complex couldn't--wouldn't--estimate when they might have an opening.  I figured it would be months or even a year.  It turned out to be weeks.

This spot is ideal, really.  It's near Darwin's office and in the same complex as Sasha, so we have a clump of family all in the same area.  There's a Kroger Aran can transfer to so he can keep his job.  Aran already knows Ypsilanti, so he won't have to learn a new city.  Cool!

This touched off a flurry of . . . everything.  When we got home from Ireland, we had to prep.  Aran needed a number of things, of course.  Kala took Aran out to hunt for garage sale finds, and since Darwin and I had combined households, we had a bunch of stuff already that he could have.  Some stuff we'd have to buy, but we didn't want to buy very much, since anything we bought would have to be moved down to Ypsilanti.  Easier to move him in, and buy stuff down there.

Moving Day was complicated by the fact that Max was long scheduled to have his wisdom teeth removed the same day.  It was further complicated by the fact the Darwin and I both got bad colds and we felt awful.  Everything was happening at once!  Kala came up to take Max to the surgeon while I went with Aran to Ypsilanti. We loaded up both our cars with a lot of his stuff and drove down.

At the complex, Aran signed a barrage of paperwork, handed over a check, and was pleased to get his keys.  Ta da!  It turned out his apartment was two floors directly above Sasha's!  Sasha came down, and we all hauled stuff into Aran's place.  Then Aran and I went furniture shopping at Ikea.  We found him an inexpensive (if small) couch and a bedstead.  Aran and I put the couch together, and by now it was 4:30.  I was exhausted and sick, and I decided we needed to go back home.  Aran was also tired, so we did.

Back home, Max was recovering from the surgery (more on that later) and Darwin came home from work, feeling as crappy as I did.  Kala decided to spend the night at our place to help the next day.

Saturday, we loaded the rest of Aran's things into our cars.  This was tricky--he had a dresser and a desk--but the desk's legs telescoped, making it much shorter, and we had a furniture dolly for the dresser.  Everything finally got loaded and we headed down again.

It turned out we were missing a section of the bed, so Darwin and I popped up to Ikea to get it.  We also got a mattress for it.  Meanwhile, Kala helped Aran unpack most of his apartment.  (Max was well enough to stay home by himself.)  The bedstead, like most of these things from Ikea, was insanely complicated to assemble, and the thought of doing so made me shake, but Kala and Darwin, who are much better at these things than I am, volunteered to do it while I took Aran shopping for the final things he needed.  Win-win!

I took Aran to Target for a few more apartment things and then to Kroger for groceries.  This latter considerable time, since he needed =everything.=  But eventually we got it done and hauled many, many bags to his apartment, arriving just as Kala and Darwin were finishing the bedstead.  We all spent more time putting everything away.  In the end, there was nothing left but assembling electronics and ordering the strange odds and ends that really only the owner of the apartment can deal with.  It was time to go.

Kala and I were stalling.  We both knew it.  We didn't want to leave Aran there.  We're both worried about him.  Can he handle everything?  Will he be okay?  Even though I knew I'd be back to deal with various issues, including his job, I was worried and unhappy.  I know it's normal for parents to think about such things, but autism throws another dimension into them. 

But we said good-bye.  Aran, as usual, was perfunctory about it.  We left, and both Kala and I were teary-eyed as we walked toward the elevator.  Darwin stayed silent about it.

Moments after we left, we learned, Aran ran a Facebook Live session on his phone.  Like young people everywhere, he was happy to be in his own space and not the least bit bothered.

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reminded me of when Youngest Nephew got his first apartment, he "shopped" for stuff at everyones house for things he needed. I had a dishdrainer I didnt need along with other small items, my sister had two wingback chairs.. he did quite well.