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Max and Wisdom Teeth

Max's orthodontist recommended that he be evaluated for wisdom teeth extraction.  He's not even 16 yet, and this seemed young to me, but I took him to an oral surgeon, who said they should come out.  So we scheduled it to happen a couple weeks before school starts so he'd have time to recover.

In the interim, as I noted on my blog before, Aran was abruptly given clearance to move into an apartment on the same day as Max's surgery. 

We couldn't reschedule the apartment.  I didn't want to reschedule the surgery.  Chances were, we'd have to do it after school started, and that would be more complicated and difficult for everyone.  I called Kala and said she could either help Aran move or take Max to surgery.  Mysteriously, she chose the latter.  :)

Max was nervous about it all, but went in just fine.  Kala kept me updated with texts.  When we got back from Aran's apartment, he was already recovered from anesthesia and on pain meds.  He wouldn't keep ice on his face, though, and I predicted more swelling.

He got it.  The next day, his face was markedly rounder, though if you didn't know him, you wouldn't know.  You'd just think he had a round face.  The swelling has been steadily going away, and he takes the pain meds.  He seems to be doing just fine.

And now he doesn't have to have this done later!