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Visiting Aran

Saturday, Darwin and I popped down to Ypsilanti to see how Aran was doing.  (We wanted to see Sasha, too, but he had plans, so it was just Aran.)

A side note: Aran's apartment is two floors directly above Sasha's.  It turned out that Sasha's WiFi reaches Aran's apartment comfortably, which means they can share an Internet account. This cuts both their Internet bills in half and it means Aran doesn't have to pay extortive installment fees from AT&T or Comcast.  Cool!

Anyway, when Darwin and I got to Aran's apartment, we found everything nicely arranged and spotless.  I'd given Aran a list of daily cleaning chores to do so he'd be able to keep his place clean, and he's been doing it.  He's also unpacked everything and put it about as he likes.  The apartment is bright and airy, and he likes the high view.  He can even see a bit of the distant lake.

It's clear he's really happy in the apartment and is enjoying his newfound freedom and independence.  He was happy and chatty while we were there.  He said he's gone to the store already, and he also went to get a haircut completely on his own.  This surprised me--he's never done that before!  I always had to take him.

We all went out to lunch.  While we were out, we showed Aran where Darwin's office is, in case of an emergency.  It's within walking distance of Aran's apartment, another reason we're glad Aran is where he is.

It was a good visit.  Aran is adjusting well, and enjoying himself hugely!