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We are now announcing our Clockwork Contest Winner, chosen randomly from those who reviewed THE DOOMSDAY VAULT and mentioned the fact either here or at the Clockwork Empire's Facebook page.

The winner is:


Congratulations, Samantha!  And thank you so much to everyone else who read and reviewed the book. It's all had a significant impact at Amazon.  You're the best!

And just as a final bit of fun, here's a short excerpt from THE IMPOSSIBLE CUBE. Enjoy!

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We got our twentieth entry today! That was ten reviews in less than six days.  That's amazing and awesome, everyone.  I have incredible readers.

We'll keep the contest running for four more days so that anyone else who wants to enter can be eligible for the win. If you want to try for those signed copies, pop over to Amazon and write a review (good, bad, or indifferent) for THE DOOMSDAY VAULT.

And read on to the next entry for some wonderful news.
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The contest is still ongoing, everyone: 10 Reviews in 10 Days.  Can we do it?  Full details are here:

We have 14 reviews, and only need six more!  The prize: signed copies of THE DOOMSDAY VAULT and THE IMPOSSIBLE CUBE, and since CUBE hasn't come out yet, that means the winner gets an advance look!
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This one's easy:

In celebration of the rerelease of her novel, ENIGMA, (penned under the name C.F. Bentley) Phyllis Irene Radford is giving away three copies of the print book to random Book View Café readers.

ENIGMA, the sequel to HARMONY sends High Priestess Sissy, and newly promoted General Jake on another wild adventure in the search for peace between the Earth based Confederated Star Systems and the Harmonite Empire. But alien invaders and conservative factions on both sides have other ideas.

For information on a chance to win a copy of the novel, visit the Book View Café contest page.  You don't have to do anything there except enter you email address for the drawing.  No, BVC does NOT use your email for marketing or give your email to anyone else.  Unlike Google, we aren't evil.

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How would you caption this photo?

Enter my friend Cindy's caption contest and win one of her books!  It's even more fun when you realize the . . . young man in the photo is her son.  Contest details are here:
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Book View Cafe member Jennifer Stevenson and her stagehand husband are celebrating 30 years of marriage, so on Friday, July 30th (that's today), BVC is holding a 30th on the 30th contest!  BVC will be launching episode 30 of Jen's  stagehand romance, Fools Paradise, and  giving out a free, complete copy to the 30th person who reads the episode and can find the answer to the following contest question:

What type of women do stagehands typically marry?

Find the answer in Episode 30 at the BVC site:

Send your answer to Thirtieth responder gets a free, complete copy of Fools Paradise!
stevenpiziks: (Good News) is giving away two copies of the e-book, The Shadow Conspiracy, a steampunk anthology from Book View Press. The Shadow Conspiracy is a collection of stories set on alternative earth, a place powered by steam and magic. This world of dreamers, experimenters and engineers, soulless humans and ensouled machines was born of most unlikely parents: four poets who gathered one cold summer on the shores of Lake Geneva in 1816.

All-new and never-before-seen, these stories explore the unfolding consequences of that gathering — and how it changed everything we thought we knew about science and ourselves. Contributors include Maya Kaathryn Bohnhoff, Sarah Zettel, Steven Harper, Pati Nagle, Jennifer Stevenson,  Nancy Jane Moore, Brenda Clough, Judith Tarr, and Irene Radford. Editors are Phyllis Irene Radford and Laura Anne Gilman.

Available Formats include PDF, EPUB, Mobi, .prc, .lrf, and .lit.

For a chance to win a free copy, visit the SFSignal contest page:

Contest ends Wednesday, February 24, 11pm US Central Time.


Jan. 12th, 2010 06:35 pm
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To celebrate Book View Café’s release of his ebook, Magical Crimes, BVC is holding a TwitterFic contest January 12-14.

Because of the unusual nature of the book (It’s a fun CSI with magic and “a little something else” story. The little something else being two foot long and lurking in the hero’s trousers.), the contest is a little different. Instead of a story in a tweet, contestants are asked to write a one-tweet blurb for “Magical Crimes.”

Details and rules are at the BVC website: (or

First place winner will receive a copy of Magical Crimes plus a copy of Dolley’s ebook The Shift and the winner’s name appearing in Dolley’s next story.

Second and third place winners will receive copies of Magical Crimes and The Shift.

Judges: Chris Dolley, Katharine Eliska Kimbriel, and Pati Nagle.

Contest site:
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This looks neat! SF/F book publisher Tor is holding a steampunk costume photography contest.  (Can I have the watch? Even though I don't do costuming?)  Full details at:

Prize 1 starts off with a $50 gift certificate to Clockwork Couture, the first and best clothier devoted exclusively to steampunk fashion, where you can purchase countless gorgeous costuming elements for ladies and gents.

The first prize also comes with one bottle of a perfume oil blend from the Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab Phoenix Steamworks collection, a series of scents designed to represent the steampunker within us even when we’re in jeans and a t-shirt. The crucial question: do you want to smell more like The Antikythera Mechanism or The Obsidian Widow?

Prize 2 is two passes to the The Steampunk World’s Fair, which will be held on the weekend of May 14th, 2010, in Piscataway, New Jersey. The World’s Fair is the first major steampunk convention in the Northeast and promises an absurd array of retrofuturistic delights, including a Chrononaut’s Jubilee Ball, the Cup of Brown Joy Tea Party, a Murder Mystery Dinner, a Cabaret, a Gentleman’s Duel, a Mad Science Fair, and maybe even a Steampunk Rock Opera.

The winner of Prize 2 will also get a 5ml bottle of Phoenix Steamworks perfume.

Prize 3
is a ridiculously gorgeous “gold” Victorian/Steampunk-style watch. It has a filigree front; a clear back, so you can see the gears at work; and a glow-in-the-dark face to illuminate your nefarious business.

And—you guessed it—the winner of Prize 3 will also get a bottle of Phoenix Steamworks perfume.

And what about us honorable mentions? Each person who receives an honorable mention will also get a scent of their choice from the Phoenix Steamworks perfume line.

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Baen Books is holding a contest to name its next urban fantasy anthology, with vampires.  Prize: 10 copies of the the anthology (more than I get!) plus $100.
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Book View Cafe is only three members away from 1,000!  When we hit the magic number, several of our authors will select at random a member who will receive a prize, so lots of people will win.  But you have to be one of the first 1,000 members to be in on the fun!  Membership is free, so now's the time to join:
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[profile] All three entries were really neat, and I couldn't decide between them, so I chose at random.  [ profile] abdoggett and her fudge-stealing dog have won the Chocolate Covered Kindle Contest!

Thanks for playing, and for the blog readers, thanks for reading!  [ profile] abdoggett  , message me you snail mail for your prize.  :)

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There's still time to enter the Chocolate Covered Kindle Contest!  It closes today at 5:00 EST (though realistically, it may run a little longer, since Mackie's birthday celebration--more chocolate!--is this afternoon.)

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Inspired by Mackie's desire for a chocolate cake and this post by [ profile] realmjit

It's summer!  Time to indulge!  Indulge in lazy afternoons.  Indulge in luscious summer reading.  Indulge in yummy treats.  Like chocolate.

To celebrate summer, chocolate, and the release of the Silent Empire books on the Kindle, I'm holding the Chocolate Covered Kindle Contest.

To enter:

1. Post your favorite true anecdote involving chocolate. 

2. The anecdote can be sensual, romantic, cute, heart-tugging, funny, anything you like--but it must be true.  (No sex stories, please!  That's a contest of a different kind.)

3. Entries will be judged on how interesting they are and how full of  chocolatey goodness they are.

4. Deadline is Tuesday, June 30 at 5:00 p.m.

5. The winner will receive an autographed copy of a Silent Empire book of his or her choice--and a bar of delicious chocolate.

As an example: When Aran was three, I baked a batch of chocolate brownies and put them on the counter to cool. Aran looked at them longingly, but I told him they were too hot to eat yet, so he shouldn't touch them. Then I took him out into the back yard, where I had yard work to finish. A few minutes later, I heard Aran crying inside the house. I ran inside and found him in the kitchen wearing a pair of oven mitts. The mitts and his face were smeared with chocolate. He had snuck back into the house, but he remembered that the brownies were too hot, so he put on the oven mitts. But then he discovered he couldn't get at the brownies with his hands covered. I felt awful--I didn't know how much the brownies meant to him. I cut him one and gave him a fork, and he was so very happy.  [This falls into the "cute" category.]

What can you share with us?

And be sure to check out DREAMER and NIGHTMARE on the Kindle.  TRICKSTER and OFFSPRING are coming soon!

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Thanks for sharing, everyone!  This made for compelling reading.  Maybe there's a book here.  :)

I have to say this contest really took me back to the various dangerous things I did as a kid, some condoned and some not.  And it's incredible that anyone manages to reach adulthood!  :)  Or maybe it's incredible how frightened we've become as a society.  Are merry-go-rounds and teeter-totters really so dangerous?  How many neighborhoods really are so unsafe that kids can't be allowed to roam?  Is it possible, or even desirable, to eliminate all danger from kids' lives?

At any rate, it was impossible to choose a single winner out of the fifty-odd responses, so I was forced to choose the top three.  (Even that was difficult.)  Winners were based on 1) how closely it came to the requirements of the original question (the dangerous activity had to be condoned by society Back Then but outlawed now) and 2) how hair-raising the activity was in purely my opinion.

I did sort-of disqualify people who I see FTF, since they can have a copy of one of my books anytime they like.  :)


(Anonymous) ( wrote:
Jan. 17th, 2009 03:02 pm (UTC)
The summer camp I attended from ages 12 - 14 specialized in outdoorsmanship, and we went hiking all over the Adirondacks. To get from the camp to the trailheads, we'd ride in ex-Army deuce-and-half trucks, the classic "canvas-top" kind with two longitudinal benches down each side. We'd cram onto the benches, with all our packs heaped in the center space (no seat-belts, and the gear not strapped down) and go bouncing over mountain roads, around hairpin turns with sheer drops. The only thing keeping anyone from falling out the back was a low tailgate and a chain (the counselors sat on the end seats for "safety.").

My response: Yikes!  Made my stomach lurch just reading about it.  An accident, a sudden stop, or even a huge bump, and you'd have camper stew.

(Anonymous) ( wrote:
Jan. 17th, 2009 03:11 pm (UTC)

I once caught some scorpions that were on my parents bedroom wall, put them in a glass jelly jar and took them to school. I got in trouble--not for bringing the scorpions--but because they were in a GLASS jar and kids might get cut if it broke.

My response: Of course it was the jar that was the problem.  This is a SCHOOL, after all  . . .

[info]sartorias ( wrote:
Jan. 17th, 2009 04:47 pm (UTC)
Kids used to put quarters into the x-ray machines at Innes Shoes to see their own bones. (We didn't because my mom wouldn't let us--not with three kids, which meant almost an entire dollar wasted. I remember how bitterly we whined, especially when we saw other kids getting their school shoes who got to put in quarter after quarter.)

My response: And today the x-ray tech dives behind a lead-lined wall before dosing a patient with any type of x-ray.  Who knew radiation could cause so much trouble?

Anonymous, Anny, and Sartorias, please drop me a note either here at LiveJournal or at spiziks-atsign-sff-dot-net .  Let me know which book you'd like, who to sign it to, and where to send it.

This was fun, everyone!

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Danger!  It's a part of life.  Are we going too far in trying to rid ourselves of it?  Without danger or risk, what kind of stories would we have?  Does Melinda care about danger when she tries to help a spirit cross over?  Does Starbuck worry about risk when she hurls her ship after Cylon raiders?

So the question is:

Back in the Old Days, what did you routinely do, or were you allowed to do, that would be outlawed today as Totally Unsafe?

Post your answers here.  Whichever one I judge the most hair-raising by Wednesday, January 21 will win an autographed copy of GHOST WHISPERER: PLAGUE ROOM or BATTLESTAR GALACTICA: UNITY or STAR TREK VOYAGER: THE NANOTECH WAR, winner's choice.

The post must be true, and it must be something that our society used to think was fine but now finds unsafe.  (Jumping off the garage roof into a patch of poison ivy was still frowned on fifty years ago, even though kids may have tried it.)

For example, when I was a kid, my parents owned a pickup truck with a single bench seat.  There wasn't quite enough room for everyone to sit, so I usually stood in the little gap behind the seat and the rear wall of the cab.  An accident would have sent me straight through the glass.  And none of us wore seatbelts anyway, so my family would probably have joined me.

What did you do?


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