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The final stop on the Clockwork Empire Blog Tour brings us to Katharine Kimbriel's place ([ profile] alfreda89). Here, I talk about the different kinds of love in fiction and the enormous impact they have on THE HAVOC MACHINE.
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I joined Patricia "Pooks" Burroughs's wonderful WWW Wednesday initiative to discuss what I'm reading right now on the next stop in the Clockwork Empire Blog Tour. Go see!
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Next stop on the Clockwork Empire Blog Tour; Alyx Dellamonica's place. I explode the myth of the solitary writer
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The next stop on the Clockwork Empire Blog Tour is at the blog of the incredible Deborah J. Ross.  Here you can learn a deep, dark secret about THE HAVOC MACHINE:

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In Part 2 of the Clockwork Empire Blog Tour, we have a stop at the peerless palace of Gail Carriger, author of the wondrous Parasol Protectorate series. If you haven't read these funny and fantastic steampunk books, you should.  ger/dp/0316056634

I'm guesting over at Gail's place, where you can learn more about me and my teatime proclivities than you really wanted to know.  Check it here:

THE HAVOC MACHINE is available May 7!

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To celebrate the iminent release of THE HAVOC MACHINE, I'm kicking off a major event!  We start today with not one, but two--TWO--stops on the amazing Clockwork Empire Blog Tour!

For the first stop, we have an incredible event hosted by the magnificent site Dark Faerie Tales.  It's the Supernatural Smackdown, and I get to kick off the first event!  A number of characters from different novels will duke it out in a last-one-standing, winner-take-all fight to the finish.  Thaddeus Sharpe of THE HAVOC MACHINE is the first contestant.  The blog includes my setup for the fight and an excerpt from THE HAVOC MACHINE.  Check it out here:

They're also giving away copies of THE HAVOC MACHINE, so hurry on over!

THE HAVOC MACHINE is available May 7.


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