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Maksim and the Learner's Permit

Maksim has his learner's permit now.  The youngest is now driving.

He run hot and cold about it, actually.  One moment he's snatching the keys from my hand, the next he flatly refuses to take the wheel.  The road that winds past the lake makes him nervous--he feels like he's going to drop into the water.  He's not wild about highway driving, either, but who is?

He didn't go to school Monday because he was sick with my cold.  Tuesday was his first day back, and he drove us to school in the truck.  For various reasons, the seniors had that day off, so traffic was light, which made it easier.  He did perfectly fine, including the parking.

I'm keeping track of his time with a driving app made just for this purpose.  It's very handy!

Sometimes people ask if it's strange being driven around by my youngest, but it isn't.  This is the third time I've gone through it, and out of all three of the boys, Maksim has been the easiest to deal with in this arena.

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