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The Return of Ceiling Cat

This morning when I went downstairs to check the animal trap, the door was shut and a pissed-off Ceiling Cat crouched inside.  The bait bowl was flipped upside-down, so I'm guessing there was a frantic moment when the door snapped shut.

She yowled all the way upstairs to the bathroom.  I shut the bathroom door, set the cage in the tub, and opened it. 

Ceiling Cat eeled out of the trap and zipped around the bathroom, looking for an escape route.  She spotted the window and jumped straight at it, expecting to go through.  BOP!  That confused her mightily.  Then she dove in the sink and curled up.

I petted her for a while, and she finally decided that was all right.  I had to leave for work.

Later, when I got home, I found her still curled up in the sink.  I petted her again, and she finally started to purr.  Then I scratched her back.  This she liked quite a lot.  She licked my hand, and batted at me when I tried to stop.  Eventually I had to leave her again.  When I came back, she was hiding in the litter box.  Ew!

The plan is to keep her in there for at least a week.

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