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Beer, Art, and Karma

On Saturday, Darwin and I tried to stop by the Ypsilanti Beer Festival. Neither of us really cares for beer, but it's a major local event and Darwin is city manager, so he wanted to put in an appearance.  When we arrived, however, the line to get into the park was several blocks long, and more people arrived to get in it as we watched.  So we gave that up as a bad job and headed for our next stop--the Ann Arbor Art Fair.

The AA Art Fair is going on 30 years, and is a sprawling affair that runs over many, many city blocks in downtown Ann Arbor, with food, music, street performers, and miles and miles of artists displaying their work.  We had our bikes with us, and we parked on a side street a ways from the fair and pedaled the rest of the way in, which avoided the usual $20 parking fees.  We chained our bikes to a lamp post and started browsing.

It was a hot day, and clouds came and went.  I thought to bring an umbrella with us, though, and I put it up for shade when the sun came out.  This made Darwin unhappy at first--he felt it was strange, and he was afraid I would hit someone--but he very quickly discovered the huge benefits of portable shade, and his objections quickly vanished.

We wandered through the fair.  I found a potter's booth and bought a matching spoon rest, liquid soap dispenser, and sponge holder for the kitchen.

At one of the many food areas, where a collection of local restaurants set up wagons and trucks, I got some delicious Korean noodles while Darwin ordered a plate of food from a Greek place.  At the last minute, the cook plopped tzatziki sauce on top of it all before Darwin could stop her.  Darwin doesn't like tzatziki, and told the woman so.  She shrugged and made him a new plate.  "Do you want this one?" she said to me.  "I'll just throw it away otherwise."

"Sure," I said.  She wrapped it in foil, and I took it.  Darwin and I headed for a shady patch of sidewalk to eat.  I actually had no idea what to do with the plate of food.  I couldn't put it in my backpack without making a mess, and I couldn't carry it on my bike.  It seemed a shame to toss it, though.

We were just about done eating when a homeless man--unkempt white hair, unshaven, thin, dirty clothes--shambled up to me.  He looked at my noodles, and then at me.

"Hi," I said.

"Can I have some?" he rasped.

"As it happens," I said, "you can."  And I handed him the wrapped up plate.  He thanked me and wandered off with it.

"That worked out," Darwin observed.

Beer, art, and karma, all in one day.

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