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DNA Testing and Me

Darwin did it, so I did it.  Just for fun, I sent my DNA in for ancestry testing at .  The results came back a few days ago, and they were surprising in that there were no surprises:

  • 49% Europe East (Latvia)

  • 23% Europe West (France and Germany, mostly)

  • 28% Other regions (England, Wales, Scotland)

The half Latvian side is what I expected.  Lots of farmers in my family over there, and they didn't move around much.  But considering the number of times Latvia has been invaded and occupied, I was wondering if some DNA from farther east might have wandered into the bloodline.  Nope!  My dad's side of the family seems to have avoided that.

The other half did surprise me, but it was the lack of surprise that was the surprise.  The Drakes and Bacons (my mother's side) have been in North America for centuries and at least one Drake owned slaves--plenty of time and chances for African and Native American genes to enter the family.  But nope!  Nothing there.  The web site gave me some more specific information, too, which said my mother's half mostly arrived in New York and Connecticut, which I knew already.

Interestingly, I came up less than 4% from Ireland, even though Darwin found a great-great grandmother of ours from Dublin.