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stevenpiziks ([personal profile] stevenpiziks) wrote2017-10-08 10:04 pm

Apples and Role Models

Over the weekend, Darwin and I went to an apple orchard. These places abound in Michigan, an apple state. They're half U-pick, half amusement park, half bakery. The apples aren't any cheaper than the store AND you have to pick them yourself, but it's a "family outing" thing, so I suppose you're paying for the experience.

Anyway, Darwin and I ate hot donuts, drank hot cider, and picked apples. I wanted cooking apples, so we went to the orchard for Golden Delicious. We quickly filled our bags and hopped aboard the tractor-pulled wagon to get back.

On the wagon, I had my arm around Darwin and he had his hand on my leg. No one on the crowded wagon noticed--or they pretended not to. Two boys in their late teens were sitting next to each other, close but carefully not touching each other. Then they noticed us. After a while, the first boy put his arm behind the second, and a bit later, the second boy shyly touched the first boy's hair. No one bothered them, either.

This is why we need openly gay people. Younger people learn from role models, whether they're on a pro team, in a movie, or sitting on a farm wagon.