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Aran at Camp

Aran is at Camp Grace Bentley for a week.  CGB sits on the shore of Lake Huron and is a little clump of old-fashioned summer camp cabins with six beds and six closets in each cabin, old wood floors, and high, bare beams.  They have that old-building scent to them, too.  The main building is a huge, beautiful wood-paneled house that overlooks all the other cabins like a hen over her chicks.  The dining room (in said house) has a half-circle of bay windows that look out over the lake.  CBG specializes in young people with disabilities, giving them a week of summer camp (and their parents a week of respite) in a world where most places don't accommodate special needs people. 

Aran loves it there.  He's been going for four years now.  They allow people to continue going even into adulthood, since special needs people so often have no place to take a vacation.

Aran is able to pack for himself.  He could also drive himself, really, but the camp has no parking facilities for campers (it's generally not an issue), so he has to get a ride.  On Wednesday, he and I drove out in perfect weather.

At the camp, Aran greeted most of the counselors by name, with enthusiasm.  We registered and got his suitcases into the cabin, said our good-byes, and I left.

Next week, Darwin, Max, and I are going up to Harbor Springs for OUR vacation.  (Aran wanted a deliberately separate vacation from ours, as a way to have his own grown-up space, which is why he went to GCB at the same time we planned our up north vacation.)

Aran's grandparents are picking him up when camp ends next week, and he'll have a few days at home by himself before we get home.  Let the parties begin!