Jun. 16th, 2017

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It's the last week here at Wherever Schools.  It's been a long, long year this time, not in the least because we had to add (unpaid) days due to new state laws.  The seniors have already graduated and left.  I only have a few seniors this year, so it didn't affect my teaching much.  After a year of four sections of English 9, though, I'm eager for summer break.

I'm getting the annual last-minute begging.  This student wants to make up an assignment from six weeks ago.  That one wants just a few more points so his grade can go from a B- to a B.  This other one wants a list of every missing assignment for the entire semester so she can make them up.  I give them all my standard answer: "The time to ask about this was three weeks ago. It's too late now."

I have to do a little more sorting and putting away than usual this year.  The building is undergoing some construction over the summer, and my stuff has to be out of the way.  In fact, they're kicking all us teachers out of the building the moment exams are over to start the work and telling us we can't come back into the building until fall, when the work is done. 

You'll find me at home, writing on my front porch!


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